Minneapolis is in What State?

The city of Minneapolis is in the state of Minnesota, in the county of Hennepin, in the Pacific, West Coast region of the US.

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City: Minneapolis
State: Minnesota
US Region: Midwest
County: Hennepin
Zip Codes: 55403 55409 55408 55407 55406 55405 55404 55402 55401 55430 55454 55455 55418 55419 55410 55411 55412 55413 55414 55415 55416 55417 55440 55458 55459 55460 55467 55470 55472 55474 55478 55479 55480 55483 55484 55485 55486 55487 55488

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Minneapolis Minnesota FAQ

What US region is Minneapolis?

The city of Minneapolis is in the Midwest region of the US, in the state of Minnesota.

What US region is the state of Minnesota?

The state of Minnesota is in the Midwest region of the US.

What is the state of the city of Minneapolis, Hennepin county in?

The city of Minneapolis, Hennepin county, is in the state of Minnesota, the Midwest region of the US.

What US region is Hennepin county, in the state of Minnesota?

Minneapolis county, Minnesota is in the Midwest region of the US.

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