Indianapolis is in What County?

The city of Indianapolis is in the county of Marion, in the state of Indiana, in the Midwest region of the US.

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City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
US Region: Midwest
County: Marion
Zip Codes: 46218 46219 46217 46214 46260 46268 46224 46228 46183 46231 46234 46235 46236 46237 46239 46250 46208 46201 46203 46202 46205 46204 46256 46254 46259 46227 46226 46225 46222 46221 46220 46229 46113 46278 46241 46240 46206 46207 46209 46230 46242 46244 46247 46251 46253 46255 46262 46277 46282 46283 46285 46288 46298

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Indianapolis Indiana FAQ

What US region is Indianapolis?

The city of Indianapolis is in the Midwest region of the US, in the state of Indiana.

What US region is the state of Indiana?

The state of Indiana is in the Midwest region of the US.

What is the state of the city of Indianapolis, Marion county in?

The city of Indianapolis, Marion county, is in the state of Indiana, the Midwest region of the US.

What US region is Marion county, in the state of Indiana?

Indianapolis county, Indiana is in the Midwest region of the US.

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